• Britannia Bridge Platform of Tubes PRINT 1214

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Britannia Bridge Platform of Tubes PRINT 1214

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"The Britannia and Conway Tubular Bridges rank amongst the highest triumphs of engineering skill of modern times"". That is what was written about the Britannia Bridge by William Cathrall, 1863 in his 'Wanderings in North Wales'. He also wrote ""the new viaduct was first dedicated to railway use on Tuesday 5th March, 1850. Its appearance is handsome and imposing. Pedestals at either end are surmounted by colossal lions couchant, of Egyptian design, each measuring 25 feet in length and 12 feet in height. Unfortunately an accidental fire damaged the original bridge in 1970. Shown here in September 1848. You will receive a high quality print on heavy-duty brilliant photo paper."

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