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"Brooding, sensual, and classically handsome, Clift was wooed away from Broadway by Hollywood directors and starred in such film as Red River (1948). His performances in The Search (1948), A Place in The Sun (1951), and From Here to Eternity (1953) earned him Oscar nominations. In film after film, he portrayed troubled idealists whose actions often mirrored those in his own life. In 1956, a car accident, caused not by alcohol but by long hours on the film Raintree Country, damaged his facial muscles. This both limited his range of expression and hurt his self-esteem. After this, Clift tended to take unglamorous roles which worsened his bad public image. A lawsuit with Universal Pictures and his growing addictions forced him into a four-year retirement in 1962. Although he was preparing for a comeback in the mid 60s, he suffered a sudden, fatal heart attack in 1966. You will receive a high quality print on heavy-duty brilliant photo paper."

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